a new year, new beginnings

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None a new year, new beginnings

Post by bladez on 2011-01-03, 02:38

In came upon this forum, and thought it was a neat idea for people to post their wishes so that others can send positive energy to the wish. It's a new year, and so it's a good time for improvements. Here's my wish: Basically I want a better life. I want to find a job that's worthy of my degree, so that I can earn the money to pay off my bills. I want to have many close friendships. I want to fix past mistakes. I want each day to be an adventure. I want to find my soulmate, so that I may never be lonely again. This probably seems like alot, but all I basically want is a 2nd chance at life, so that I may do the things I missed out on, and for my life to be meaningful instead of mundane. Will 2011 be my year???


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